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The Ultimate Guide to Get Into PM

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What future PMs are saying

"Product management is the elusive career of the decade, often obscured by its own mystique and halo effect. James and Matt bring it back down to earth with actionable insights from true insiders. It is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the role of PM and learn timeless lessons from some of Aussie’s biggest tech companies."

Sean, 22

"James and Matt’s guide was super helpful in helping me understand what exactly PM’s do and how to get the experience needed to become a PM. Unlike other PM books, they dive into real life examples of the type of work PMs do at well-known tech companies. This has helped me accurately pinpoint the experiences and skills I am missing before becoming a PM. Definitely recommend this book to anyone aspiring to be a PM!"

David, 24

Everything You need to Know

Learning the skills of a Product Manager can be hard. There’s a lack of in-depth resources and they only cover 10% of what’s actually required.

So we created a proven playbook that breaks product management down to its basic building blocks and provides REAL practical examples on how to use them.

Learn all the PM skills

Learn all the knowledge, skills and terms you'll need to succeed as a PM.

Beat the PM interview

Land the PM interview and learn all the questions to get the job.

Practical advice ONLY

Understand how to apply the PM frameworks with real examples.

Personalised Support From the Best

Like all good Product Managers, you'll likely have a bunch of questions in the future as well. That's why we're here to support you.

Connect with Matt & James and ask them questions on anything about Product Management.

Matt Hinds

Product Manager at SafetyCulture
Cloud Sales at Amazon

Matt graduated with a Commerce (Finance/Economics) degree from the University of Sydney. In his second year of University, Matt co-founded an e-commerce business with $1,500 and grew revenues to $260,000 in the first 12 months having launched 30 new products to market.

Matt co-founded a FinTech startup focused on improving funding for the agricultural and energy sectors, and also spent time working in cloud sales at Amazon Web Services.

Matt is currently a Product Manager at SafetyCulture, previously leading their flagship Inspections product and now building their emerging Issues product.

James Gabb

Product Manager at Eucalyptus
Product Manager at Atlassian

James graduated with a Business Information Systems (Co-op) degree from the University of New South Wales. In his second year of University, James co-founded a tutoring business that delivered high-value content to generate $250,000 in annual revenue.

After spending time in corporate banking and analytics roles, James shifted into a Product Management role at Atlassian, leading their Mobile & Artificial Intelligence product teams.

James is currently a Product Lead at Eucalyptus, leading their expansion into weight management as they look to help tackle Australia’s growing obesity problem.

Mentors at Australia's Leading VC

Both Matt and James mentor early-stage founders with Blackbird Ventures.


Learn the latest in Product Management

The 76-page Playbook will take you through step-by-step on how to master the Product Management craft.

Get access to up-to-date frameworks (2021 standards) and Product Management interview techniques.

Traits of a great PM

Why PM?

Set your goal

What is a product?

What is a PM?

Customer insights

Market size

Vision & strategy

Product roadmap

Product Delivery

Success metrics

Work with others

Get the interview

Interview questions

Levels of PM

Advanced PM

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Get setup for success in 2021 with the latest in Product Management thinking with this 76-page Playbook.

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